Razertip Ball Tips – 10 piece Tip Set


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Ball Stylus – 10 piece Tip Set

This larger set includes all 10 tips; the 5 from the # SET99X5 plus 0.4mm(1/64″); 0.8mm(1/32″); 1.2mm(3/64″); 1.5mm(1/16″); 2.0mm(5/64″); 2.3mm(3/32″); 3.0mm(1/8″); 3.9mm(5/32″); 4.7mm(3/16″); and 5.5mm(7/32″) tips.

Chrome steel balls welded onto the end of the tip gives excellent heat retention (better as the ball is bigger). The polished ball ends are buttery-smooth to write and draw with. Line widths are consistent and repeatable in all directions. Our 1/64″ (0.4mm) ball tip is the smallest in the world.

Will only work with the Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen #BPH.

Use of heavy duty cord is recommended. Our brass brush  is perfect for cleaning these tips.

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