Ram Power 45 New Digital Micro-Motor Kit, NO FOOT CONTROL

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Ram Power 45 Micro-Motor has high torque, forward/reverse, select hand or foot control.

Variable speed 45.000 rpm hand piece. — 1/8 collet installed.

Supplied with 1/8″ – 3/32″ adapter sleeve. These handy adapter sleeves are the fast convenient and easy way to give versatility to any lab style hand piece.


Dual Voltage 110/120 or 220/240
* Newly designed for superior performance
* 45,000 rpm’s provides higher speeds, greater torque
* Improved front nose with 2 heavy duty front bearings
* Improved dust seal protection
* Improved spindle balancing
* Improved cooling fan and air flow
* Twist type chuck release
* Improved plastic grip
* Easy to change chuck


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