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Product Description Pyrography Paper
PyroPaper, a pyrography paper from Primitive Originals! This is a packet of 50 sheets of transparent paper. You trace, draw, or print (on an inkjet printer, laser printer, or copier) a design on PyroPaper cut around the tracing, tape it to your gourd, and wood burn right though it!

What makes this special is that it will not smolder, burn outwards, or melt, unlike common tracing paper. When you’re through wood burning through the design, just lift from the gourd and darken the design by shading making the art your own. The hardest part of wood burning an animal for example, is getting the eyes , nose, and ears the right size and in the right place. This paper makes it easy. It will make an artist out of anyone. Are you an artist already? If you draw your artwork directly on the wood or gourd that art is gone. Draw on paper, scan to your computer, now you have it forever. You can shrink or expand it to any size and print it onto the pyropaper and reproduce it yourself over and over.

The picture of the frog is an example of a design using the pyrography paper. First we wood burned the basic design outline through the paper; then we added the details after the paper was removed.

You get 50 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 translucent wood burning paper


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