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Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours

Our Professional Water Colour range offers bright, vibrant colours and unrivalled performance._x000D_

Water colour, more than any other medium, reflects the unique characteristics of the pigments used and our Professional Water Colours use only the finest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour._x000D_

With 75 single pigment colours in the range, we offer the widest range of modern and traditional pigments for clean colour mixing._x000D_

Cadmium-Free Watercolours

Don’t confuse these with hue colours. Cadmium hues already exist, using a blend of pigments to create something resembling an original Cadmium colour. Winsor & Newton Cadmium-Free water colours are something very different. Each one identically matches the colour of genuine Cadmium and behaves in the same way. Our team have replicated Cadmium’s signatures: its bright masstone, its undertone for subtleties in thin layers, its tinting ability, viscosity, opacity and flow, as well as its archival lightfastness. Plus, to give an authentic experience, the weight of the Cadmium-Free paint in the tube has been carefully matched.


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