Prismacolor Nupastel 24 ct. asst.


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Artists’ quality for every level of expertise
Rich, creamy pigments for easy blending and shading
Stronger than traditional soft pastels create less breakage and easier clean-up
Ideal for illustration or tightly rendered drawings
Measures 3 5/8″ long and 1/4″ square (92mm x 6mm)
Prismacolor Nupastel 24 ct.
Carmine Madder 206-P
Sap Green 208-P
Sanguine 213-P
Lemon Yellow 217-P
Warm Medium Grey 219-P
Violet 224-P
Iron Blue 225-P
Hooker’s Green 228-P
Black 229-P
Light Blue 235-P
Light Ochre 243-P
Olive Green 248-P
Cocoa Brown 253-P
Cadmium Yellow Deep 257-P
Ultramarine Blue 265-P
Pale Vermillion 266-P

Flesh Pink 276-P
Madder Pink 286-P
Salmon Pink 296-P
Van Dyke Brown 283-P
Pistachio Green 288-P
Sepia 293-P
Carnival Red 336-P
Sandlewood 204-P
White 211-P
Burnt Umber 223-P
Carmine 236-P
Rose Pink 246-P
Crimson Red 256-P
Viridian Green 258-P
Ivory 277-P
Cold Medium Grey 279-P
Prussian Blue 295-P
Peach 376-P

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