Pat Kennedy’s Woodburning Fish Scale Tips PK – 7 RT


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Pat Kennedy’s Woodburning Fish Scale Tips PK -7 RT
The only full scale contour tools available for woodcarvers, sculptors and taxidermist.

The Pat Kennedy Fish Scale System was designed exclusively for Colwood’s woodburning tools. Taxidermists can use these scale tips to replace scales. Press tips into epoxy to replace seam scales. No heat required.

Pat Kennedy wood burning tips are designed for use with the Colwood woodburning tools. A scale above the rest!

� Authenticity:Unlike many others, the tips are reproductions of actual fish scales.

� Precision: Scales are the exact shape and contour of fish scales.

� Efficiency: Once scales are burned in, no additional carving is required.

� Time Saving: With four of Pat Kennedy;s tips, you can produce the fish scale an the lateral line with one burn. – no lateral line carving required.

� Effort Saving: Complete scale surface burn – no sanding is required.

Durability – Scales are made from a durable chrome alloy.

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