Optima Heavy Duty PH – 19 – XL Ball Tip 1/8″ X-Large



Complete burning pen, pen body and tip are attached as one unit. They are not replaceable tips. Ball Tip

This pen is something many pyrographers have wanted for a long time, so we invented it (circa mid 2002). . This tip is available in four different ball sizes: .1/16″ S., 5/64″ M,. 1/10″ L., & 1/8″ XL .(1/16″ S & 1/8″ XL shown here).. This pen tip can be used to draw lines, shade with, do pointillism, and much more (1/8″ could be ground to a shape that suits your needs).. Available in HD style pen only.
Flatwork Pyrographers
Gourd Pyrographers
Bowl Turners
Fish Carvers
Bird Carvers (use small one as wrinkler)
Could also be used by Mammal or Bird carvers if customized.