Optima Heavy Duty PH -18 – L Spear Point Shader



Complete burning pen, pen body and tip are attached as one unit. They are not replaceable tips. Spear Point Shader
(Renamed from old “13SP” tip number)

This new shader looks a lot like the #5 spear point, but has squared off edges (not sharpened), and it is bent at a 45 degree angle for shading. Great for when you need to shade an area that’s in a tight spot. Cheryl Dow now recommends using this pen instead of the old #13 pen for flat work pyrography (I guess that’s why she came it with it for us). Available in smaller sizes 18M & 18S, regular (large) 18 shown. The 18M is the same shape and size as the #5 Spear Point, except it is bent with unsharpend edges.Flatwork pyrographers.


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