Optima Heavy Duty PH- 20 -L Gourd Saw Blade



Optima Heavy Duty PH-20L Gourd Saw Blade
Complete burning pen, pen body and tip are attached as one unit. They are not replaceable tips.Gourd Saw Blade

A unique tip used for cutting through gourds comes in two versions. The standard length pen (20) can cut through gourds up to 1/4″ thick. The Long version (20L) is about 3/16″ longer, and can cut gourds up to 3/8″~1/2″. It should be used on straight cuts (not curves), and should be used in a “sawing motion” for best results. It is ground much sharper than most blade pens, so be careful not to cut yourself on this one!
Gourd Pyrographers


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