ODORLESS Gamsol 4 .2 oz 100% pure mineral spirits HZ SHIPPING

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ODORLESS Gamsol 4 oz 100% pure mineral spirits

Gamblin Gamsol

The Standard for Studio Safety.

Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows artists to work in traditional and contemporary techniques without compromise. Gamsol can be used to thin oil colors and painting mediums, and for general studio clean-up. Gamsol is reusable and non-toxic when used as recommended.

At Gamblin, our mission is to lead oil painting into the future. To us this means crafting materials as they ought to be, not just as they have been. Our contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent.

Painting mediums offer a great deal more than simply extending oil colors. Mediums modify the working properties of oil color from the tube – from a fluid consistency for expressive mark making to a stiff paste for creating thick, crisp marks. Painting mediums also broaden the visual qualities of our colors – from increasing the transparency of paint layers, to creating a range of surface qualities, from high gloss to matte.


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