New Masters of Woodturning (SC): Expanding the Boundaries of Woo


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New Masters of Woodturning (SC): Expanding the Boundaries of Wood Art
Authors: Kevin Wallace, Terry Martin

ISBN 13: 978-1-56523-334-8
Pages: 216
Binding Information: Soft Cover
Size: 8 1/2″ X 11″ Inches
New Masters of Woodturning~


They are from different parts of the world, but share a common passion: turning wood into sculptural forms of self-expression. In this groundbreaking book, thirty-one innovative artists -the New Masters of Woodturning-share their amazing turning techniques and the inspiration that fiuels their distinctive designs.

You’ll see each artist at work-in their studios, homes, and at the lathe-and discover why their stunning work is considered to be preeminent in the respective fields of woodtruning and modern art. A gallery of beautiful photographs displaying breath-taking vessels, bowls, platters, and more-many of which have never been published-accompanies each profile.

New Masters of Woodtruning looks beyond the surface of the wood and into the vision and mind of the artist, providing insights that offer a captivating and important perspective of turn-of-the-century art and craft.

Featuring a global roster:
AUSTRALIA~Vaughn Richmond * Neil Scobie CANADA~ Michael Hosaluk * Stephen Kennard * Marilyn Campbell ENGLAND~ Louise Hibbert * Hayley Smith FRANCE ~Alain Mailland * Theirry Martenon *Christophe Nancey * Marc Ricourt GERMANY ~Peter Hromek * Hans Weissflog IRELAND~ Liam Flynn NEW ZEALAND~ Rolly Munro * Graeme Priddle SOUTH AFRICA ~ Butch Smuts UNITED STATES ~ Virginia Dotson * Harvey Fein * J. Paul Fennell * Ron Fleming * Mark Gardner * Dewey Garrett * Ron Layport * Michael Lee * Michael Mode * William Moore * Binh Pho * Betty Scarpino * Betty Scarpino * David Sengel * Jacques Vesery


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