Manetti Red Gold 23K Pattern


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Manetti Red Gold 23K – -16 Grams – Grams/1000 Lvs. Pattern – It is packed on individual pieces of paper like the XX Deep leaf. – – -Genuine Gold Leaf information: Each gold leaf pack (box) contains 20 books.
Each gold leaf book has 25 leaves measuring 3-3/8″ x 3-3/8″.- –
Each gold leaf pack has 500 leaves.- –
Coverage: Each gold leaf pack will cover approximately 30 square feet. – –
One booklet covers 1-1/2 square feet. – –
Thickness: 0.2 -0.4 microns.
Manetti is one of the oldest manufacturers of gold and silver
leaf in the world. Founded in 1820, it has preserved the
ancient craft of gold beating, handed down from generation to
generation. Over the years, the historic craftsmanship for
which Manetti is famed has been updated by the introduction of modern machinery, without
compromising the company’s high standards of quality. With 170 years of experience and
a large production capacity, Manetti is a key name for quality gold and silver leaf in Italy and


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