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Liz’s Light: White Stoneware Pottery Clay w Grog

Extra shipping charges apply.

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We supply a large number of schools and studios. Studios can buy smaller amounts, no need to but a ton of clay all at once. We are very competitive on price and have a good stock on hand.

We are a master distributor for Sheffield Pottery.

Professional potter Liz has used this clay for over 30 years. With her permission we are now producing the formula with a long track record of success. This versatile bright white, medium range clay can be fired in oxidation or reduction atmospheres offering a white background for intensifying various glaze colors. The clay is suitable for wheel work. It performs very well under extreme demands of Raku, and pit firing, having smooth, plastic handling properties. When “leather hard” it offers a smooth surface for trimming. This distinctive clay is recommended for hand building techniques using coil, slab, and press molding construction methods.

A small addition of Molochite (porcelain grog) but a significant variation on Liz’s original formula having more “tooth” which is the ability for moist clay to stand up in wheel and hand building operations. With the addition of Molochite grog, inert particles add to the forming strength of the moist clay. In some instances you cannot improve on a superior formula but this might be the exception for potters working in hand building techniques where structural stability is required along with plasticity. Liz has used this clay in making functional pottery and it is suitable in Raku and pit firing techniques.

Temperature Range Cone 6
Grog Yes
Color In Oxidation White
Color In Reduction Light Tan
Shrinkage c/6/ox./ 12%
c/6/red. 11.8%
Absorption c/6/ox./ 1.9%
c/6/red. .7%

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