Large 9″ Tapered Carving Screw


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Tapered Carving Screws

Introducing Fancorts tapered carving screws, the better alternative to the conventional carving screw.
The tapered part of the screw is turned into a pre-drilled hole in the base or back of the carving and tightened by using the hole in the T handle.
When the screw has penetrated the wood deep enough for secure holding, the rest of the screw is passed through a hole in a bench or a slot on the carving arm. The T handle, which is also the nut, is then threaded onto the screw until the work is pulled tight against the bench. Considerable pressure can be put on the screw by tightening the T nut.
If the carving needs to be rotated, loosen the wing nut and position the carving, then tighten again. No need to drill a deeper hole like conventional carving screws.

* Holds more tightly than a straight screw

* Two sizes, 6 3/4″ for small to medium carvings, and 9″ for larger carvings

* High quality construction with cadmium plating on the screw

* Rugged T handle wrench, for driving in the screw, is black powder coated for protection

* Plastic tips on the T handle wrench for safety and easy gripping

* Compatible with most carving arms


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