Kramers Best Blemish Clarifier 8 oz.


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SHIPS BY UPS GROUND ONLY Haz-Mat ItemExtra shipping charges apply.Check out this link. KramersKramer’s Best Blemish Clarifier, is a powerful natural cleaner. It is useful and effective on wood, metal and many other materials. Use it for severe New Products cleaning projects that go beyond what the Antique Improver can do. Blemish Clarifier is very effective in tackling the removal of heavy grimy surface build-up and ground-in grease and oil. After becoming familiar with use of the Clarifier you will know beforehand when it is needed, but if you aren’t sure, start with the Antique Improver. If you do not see the required results, pre-cleaning with Blemish Clarifier may be necessary. Use the Clarifier to go deep into the wood to help flush out embedded foreign materials or to help break down a thick surface buildup. Multiple cleanings may be necessary on the most severe cases. The Clarifier, because of its natural and compatible ingredients, goes deeply into the finish and the wood, gently displacing foreign materials, lifting them to the surface. Very old and severely damaged pieces might take several of these sessions to complete the restoration. Modern caustic cleaners may do the job quicker, but damage to the finish and the wood could be tragic. The final result of working slowly and surely with safe and gentle materials is worth the effort. After cleaning with the Clarifier, use applications of Kramer’s Best Antique Improver to replace the natural oils and restore the color and beauty to the piece.


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