Koi Watercolor – 12 color set (12 ml tubes)


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Koi Watercolor – 12 color set (12 ml tubes)

Although this is a “student grade” watercolor, even the fine artist, and professional will enjoy the smooth, creamy subtle gradations of Koi watercolors. All who use the Koi Watercolor will notice the versatility of instant correction and layering, the ability to create spontaneous washes with soft edges and swim in dynamic color possibilities. Ideal for painting landscapes, still-lifes, seascapes, portraits, wildlife and traditional scenes, or abstracts. The colors are smooth and creamy, instantly water responsive, quick-drying and have a special binding agent for even brush suspension. This 12-color set includes one tube each: lemon yellow, deep yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, vermilion hue, carmine, yellow green, viridian hue, cobalt blue hue, prussian blue, ivory black, chinese white. Available in sets only. Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards.


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