Kazan squirrel flat wash brush 1”

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Kazan squirrel flat wash brush 1”

Pure Kazan Squirrel Watercolor Brushes
These brushes are unique! For many
years, fine quality Sable and Squirrel
hair were unavailable because of the
restrictions caused by the Cold War.
The war is over and we have a fantastic
source for natural hair and, even
better than that, a marvelous team of
old world brush makers.
Our brush factory negotiates directly
with the fur trappers in Siberia for
first choice of the very best prized
Kolinsky Sable and Kazan Squirrel.
Each brush is expertly hand-crafted.
The hair is carefully selected, processed
and prepared for the final
stages of brush craft. The brush
heads are hand-tied, glued, fitted to
seamless ferrules, and then glued
and crimped onto natural wooden
handles. Artists will be amazed at the
performance of these fantastic tools.

Short Handle
Perfect for large watercolor washes,
these pure Kazan Squirrel brushes
can hold a lot of liquid. They are
also great for varnishing it goes
on smooth, with no air bubbles!
20510 1″
20520 1-3/4″

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