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The Simatar knife.
The Simatar knife is the new Donald Mertz Signature Series Knife. It is the blade he designed for us. It is in a 4″ Natural Wood handle that is woodburned with Don’s Logo and Signature.
Helvie Knives is proud to introduce the Donald Mertz Signature Series Knives. Caricature Carver of America woodcarver Don Mertz and Helvie Knives have been working together to bring out a new line of knives with a new style of blade.

Donald K. Mertz, the WOOD BEE CARVER has been carving seriously since 1975 using a Whittle-Carving style he calls “Whittle Folk Art” that is primarily knife carving on a square block of basswood. He has written articles in Chip Chats, Woodcarving Illustrated, Carving Magazine and has taught for nine years at War Eagle Seminars and for various woodcarving clubs in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Alabama, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Indiana. He authors an instructional web log at http://www.woodbeecarver.com/ as well as showing his carvings in six woodcarving shows a year and judging at some. Don became a member of the Caricature Carvers of America in 2009.

The Signature Series 1 handle is made of Natural wood and is 4� long (like a fat cigar handle). The blade is approximately 1-7/8� long, and 1/2� wide and is called a Universal Carving Blade. The sweep style allows for slice cuts. Each knife has Donald�s signature and Wood Bee Carver Logo hand burned and painted into the handle and the series number on the bottom. The end of the knife has a knife number, like a serial number as to the order they have been made, so if you receive a number 00010, then you have the tenth knife made in that series.


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