Guitar Building Basics


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Guitar Building Basics

Acoustic guitars make the perfect woodworking project. Whether you’re a professional musician or simply an interested wood worker, building a guitar is a very satisfying project. Guitar Building Basics presents three, start-to-finish assembly sequences. Each sequence uses high quality color photography to illustrate every step of the process; from gluing on the top and bottom of the guitar, to installing the strings, and sanding the frets for a perfect set up.

The assemblies include everything from a fairly simple renaissance guitar kit, to a full, dreadnought guitar assembled in a professional shop. With the help of this new Guitar-Building book, nearly any amateur wood worker can buy a guitar kit and assemble the whole thing at home using basic woodworking tools. The key is patience and a good set of instructions – provided by this new book with over 500 color images spread across 144 pages.

A talented musician with a guitar collection of his own, Beau Allen Pacheco is the perfect author for this book. Beau documents all the steps and skills needed to do a quality job, then moves on to discuss the different types of wood, the tools you need, and how to set up the neck.

Whether you’re a guitar player looking to buy a quality instrument for a bargain price, or a craftsman looking for that next project, Guitar Building Basics will help you find the best kit and assemble it into a finished guitar you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life.

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