Guinevere Dust Extractor Kit



Guinevere Dust Extractor Kit

Secure the Guinevere� Dust Extractor to the flexible shaft of the Guinevere� Sanding System and turn most vacuum cleaners and small shop vacs into an economical dust extraction system. The dust extraction handle covers and encloses the flex shaft handpiece and chuck – putting the dust suction point and the hand grip as close to the sanders as possible – allowing you to clearly see how your sanding is progressing by clearing the dust as you work.

The custom fitted dust handle and flexible hose allow you to easily sand around a wide surface or reach inside deep bowls. Sand in any position in a virtually dust free work space.


* Dust Extraction Handle – Max OD 1 9/16″ (40mm)
* Flexible Hose – 51″ (1300mm) x 1″ (25mm)
* Adaptors – 1 11/32″ (34mm) OD reduces to 1 3/32″ (28mm)
2″ (50mm) long x 1.25″ (32mm) ID
* ONLY FITS Guinevere�

Not suitable for other makes


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