Guinevere 7/8” diameter Small Round Sander replacement rubber



Guinevere 7/8” diameter Small Round Sander replacement rubber


Our Small Round Sander allows you to sand the inside bottom of a small bowl or cup, reaching those hard to reach areas only before done by hand sanding. The Small Round Sander is excellent for sanding concave and contoured surfaces, inside and the bottom of carved or turned bowls, and perfect for sanding a cup or spoon. This sander is unbelievable on miniatures and virtually eliminates the need for hand sanding in micro tight areas. It is also the smallest dome sander in the world and has proven hugely popular. The sander head is 7/8″ diameter

The Small Round Sander is pumped up through an air inlet in the drive shaft located in the bottom of each sander. The air valve design leaves the bottom flat without a clumsy protruding valve on the sanders. This patented solution made it possible to make superior cylindrical drum sanders as well as two unique rounded sanders with a domed shape at the business end. Requiring little inflation, the molded rubber bulb on all sanders constantly flexes and changes shape, making them soft all the way to the edge.

With the choice of four (4) grits from coarse to extra fine, Guinevere®  eliminates scratches and allows you to apply the sander’s total width against the work piece, or to use only the edge in all kinds of complex sanding. The sander actually becomes flat when pressed against a flat surface and round when pressed against a round surface i.e. the sanders conform to the underlying surface.

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