Guinevere 11522 – SCUFF & BUFF SMALL BALLS SET – 2-1/2″ (63MM)


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Guinevere 11522 – SCUFF & BUFF SMALL BALLS SET – 2-1/2″ (63MM)

Model: 11522

Guinevere® Scuff & Buff Small Balls Set – 2-1/2″ (63mm) shaft

The new Wave Scuff & Buff Balls are a perfect addition to the Guinevere Sanding and Polishing Systems. Each Wavy-Edge Scuff & Buff Ball is made of individual layers of non-woven material with the patented wavy-edge design. The layers are assembled and compressed into a ball which allows it to reach into tight spaces with versatility and flexibility, shaping the ball to conform to the work piece. It’s great, not just for applying an oil or wax finish and final finishing, but also for cleaning surfaces, rust removal and smoothing textured surfaces.

The revolutionary design ensures consistent finishing quality, and the continuous exposure of new grit means the uniformity of the Scuff Ball does not change. Simply chuck the Scuff & Buff into the Guinevere Motor or flex shaft and “sand”. Always let the tool do the work, keep it moving and see the ball easily compress to reach tight spots. The material allows highly efficient airflow, resists clogging and leaves the Scuff & Buff Ball easy to clean with water or compressed air.

There are two sizes: 2″ (50mm) Scuff & Buff Ball with 2-1/2″ (63mm) shaft and 3″ (75mm) Scuff & Buff Ball is fitted with a 3-1/2″ (88mm) shaft. Each shaft diameter is 1/4″ (6.35mm). All five balls are replaceable and color-coded for the 60, 180, 320, 600 and 800 grits.

Tan – 60 grit, Green – 180 grit, Maroon – 320 grit, Grey – 600 grit, White – 800 grit

TRUE STORY: Guinevere sanding sleeves range from 60 grit to 320 grit. Scuff & Buff Balls range from 60 to 800 grit. Our Power Carving Instructor, Maverick Jaillet, carved a cherry cup and sanded it with the Guinevere to 320 grit. He switched to the grey Scuff & Buff 600 grit and WOW! It quickly gave the cup an extra highly polished, super smooth surface, ready for a protective coat of oil. Maverick then picked up another 60 grit grey S&B, this time specifically for applying food-safe oils or waxes. He then hand applied the oil and buffed the finish in the with the second grey S&B. The resulting friction heated the oil and the wood, creating a much deeper penetration of the finish. The end result exceeded our highest expectations.


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