GLOVE – KEVLAR W/LEATHER Medium Right HAND Glove / Knife held in LEFT HAND


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KEVLAR GLOVE WITH A LEATHER FACE Sold per glove not pair. For left hand carvers, Knife held in LEFT HAND, glove goes on RIGHT HAND.
The Glove is normally worn on the hand that is holding the item being carved. The whole glove is Kevlar, even under the leather. There is a leather overlay on the front of the hand surface as shown in the picture. The yellow Kevlar will help prevent a knife or gouge from cutting you. The leather helps prevent something from going in between the weave of the Kevlar and cutting you. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL NOT EVER BE CUT. But I have seen severe cuts on the leather without cutting through the Kevlar.
Please note: Over time the leather can be cut and will lose its protective capability. When the leather has been cut through it is time to replace the glove with a new one.


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