GLOVE – KEVLAR Carving Glove Medium


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Gloves are ambidextrous, left or right hand same glove. Blue dots on both sides.Kevlar, the same DuPonte miracle fiber that makes police vests bullet-resistant, makes these gloves seven times more slash resistant than cotton gloves. They’ll give your hands greater protection against slashes and cuts. Heavy duty professional gloves, not hardware store quality. Look for the three black triangles with dot for quality. Sold by each.

Good protection at an economy price.  We have sold these economy gloves for years and they do work. Will withstand most blows. Each glove has rubber dots for extra holding power. Specify size – xsmall/small/medium/large/extra large

It is not important that the glove be an exact fit.  The important thing is that it is comfortable across the palm and back of your hand.  Finger length can be longer than your fingers.

These gloves are CUT RESISTANT not cut proof.  There are no  substitutes for safe carving habits.


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