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Variable Speed, Cyclone & Collection Chamber Plus HEPA Filter

Collects dust and debris for a healthier and safer work environment
Simple to use and basically maintenance free
Single station unit with casters for easy portability
Whisper quiet operation at 52dbA with powerful suction at 115 CFM
Cyclone with collection chamber pre-filters 99% of all debris
HEPA filter with MERV 16 rating eliminates 99.98% of debris up to 0.3micron

MADC20 Dust Collector $799 Suggested Retail
MADC20 Dust Collector Includes:
2 HEPA filters with MERV 16 rating
5′ flexible vacuum hose
Remote on/off switch with 9′ cable
Remote Connector for use with MALC15 Lighted Work Chamber

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Weight 15 lbs


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