Foredom AKFK3 Mounted Felt Bob Kit, 16-Pc


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AKFK3 Mounted Felt Bob Kit, 16-Pc Felt Buffing and Polishing Accessories are used with compounds on hard and soft metals, metal plate, precious metals, plastics, wood, acrylic, and painted surfaces. Select the appropriate compound for the material being worked to produce desired finish.

More About Felt: Felt is a compound carrier and the abrasives in compounds perform the actual polishing function. However, surface speed, felt hardness, applied pressure, and frictional contact determine the amount of surface removal, or polishing desired. Cutting down refers to a greater amount of surface removal than does coloring. Whether someone uses the term buffing, polishingor finishing, they typically mean a 2-step process of cutting and then coloring by which the luster or reflectiveness of a product is enhanced.


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