Foredom – 1/3 hp TXM New Motor


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1/3 hp TXM motor with built-in speed controlNo Hand piece Included
Foredom’s most powerful motor, with integrated speed control, is mounted in a cast-iron base for easy placement anywhere on the workbench.
The permanent-magnet TXM features the latest in flex shaft technology and delivers more torque throughout the entire speed range than any other flex shaft motor.

It is rated at 1/3 hp and achieves a top speed of 15,000rpm.
The integrated dial control allows precise and reliable speed control, as well as good repeatability of speed settings.
The motor comes supplied with Foredom’s standard shaft and sheath. The handpiece is not included
– please review our extensive line for the handpiece that perfectly suits your application.
The Foredom flex shaft system is designed to allow interchangeability of most handpieces.


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