Flexcut SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set

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SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set
Our Deluxe Starter Set has everything a new woodcarver needs. It comes with 16 interchangeable blades, two quick-connect handles – ABS and Power – a Cutting Knife. There’s also a SlipStrop, Gold Polishing Compound an owner’s manual showing how to care for the tools. Plus you’ll find a FREE step-by-step, instructional DVD for a great first project.

Profiles included: SK406 #1 x 5/8″, SK407 #2 x 9/16″, SK323 #3 x 1/4″, SK700 #3 x 7/8″, SK601 #5 x 1/8″, SK446 #6 x 1/2″, SK428 #8 x 1/4″, SK402 #8 x 3/8″, SK702 #8 x 11/16″, SK703 #9 x 9/16″, SK602 #11 x 1/16″, SK725 #11X x 3/16″, SK927 #11X x 1/2″, SK317 45 deg. x 5/32″, SK403 70 deg. x 3/8″, SK754 7/8″ Back Bent.

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2 reviews for Flexcut SK108 21 pc. Deluxe Starter Set

  1. Bob England

    Just wanted to say this set has it all. Quality and selection. I am looking foward to more Flexcut tools.
    Thanks Bob E.

  2. jim Collins

    Greg showed me this set, and I wasn\’t sure it was right for me. Boy was I wrong!! If any of you haven\’t tried flexcut tools, you\’re missing out on something special. Thanks Greg, for helping me purchase the finest tools I\’ve used. I\’ve been pretty busy since I got them!!

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