Flexcut JKN91 Carvin’ Jack (RIGHT HAND) #16413

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Carvin’ Jack by Flexcut is a complete carving kit in your pocket.
All six blades of the Carvin’ Jack are made of the same edge holding high carbon steel that flexcut’s tools are famous for.
The Carvin’ Jack comes with its own Flexcut Slipstrop
Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound
knive sheath. The Carvin’ Jack is approximately 4.25 inches in length with blades closed.
The handedness (right or left) of the Flexcut knife should be choosen by how you carve, not necessarily by if you are left or right handed. Choose a right-handed knive if you are right handed and carve with the blade towards you. If you carve away from yourself, choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the inverse.


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