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This imported Italian-style hand-cut rasp has teeth of the finest caliber. Steel of the highest quality to make a long wearing rasp. Approximate length – 6″.As every sculptor knows, the best tools are our own fingers and hands. This is one of the reasons we have carefully designed our wood carving and stone carving rasps as true extensions of the sculptor’s/artist’s hands.

Rasps are reduction and shaping tools and are crafted to quickly remove wood or stone, leaving a smoother surface ready for additional carving and/or finishing.

Why are there shapes on each side of the rasp? Professional artists working for years in their craft realized it is far easier to flip a tool around than it is to pick up a new one. Our rasp shapes have been selected with intent, so each shape would perfectly complement its partner on the other end of the tool.

Whether you are stone or wood carving, the use of a rasp is an indication that you have reached an exciting stage in the process of your creation. You’ll find our full line of rasps to have just the right variations to fashion every detail of your work.


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