Feather Formers Tip Spear – Rid- Fine (RF) ~250LPI 4mm 55.04RF



Feather Formers Tip- Ridiculously Fine (RF) ~250LPI 4mm 55.04RF
Pen needed to hold tipsFeather Former video clips.

Launch Video “Using Razertip Feather Former Tips” (No sound. Approximatley 3 minutes 50 seconds.) Watch Video

Imagine texturing a bird carving in minutes instead of hours!
Razertip’s new Feather Formers let you define a feather and burn the barb texture in seconds. Not only are feather formers faster to burn with, but painting a “Feather-Formed” surface is easier because the texture is not too deep. You can easily paint accent marks at angles to the main texture, creating a very soft, natural look. Once your bird has been textured with Feather Formers you can come back with you regular pens to create stray barbs or splits as desired, or you can continue on with stoning techniques. The possibilities are endless.
Razertip Feather Former example

The throat and head feathers on this hummingbird were burned in less than 4 minutes. Throat feathers are around 250 lines per inch, while the top of the head was burned at 130 lines per inch. There are 60 different Feather Formers available from 40 lines per inch to 250 lines per inch.

With features like:

* Burn feather shapes faster and more uniform than you ever thought possible.
* Easy to learn and to use.
* Bird carving, wood, leather, gourds and turnings.
* Also great for grass, hair and multiple lines.
* Burn as fine as 250 lines per inch.


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