Eli Woodcarvers Vise


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Eli Woodcarvers Vise

The holding vice is designed to withstand the use of a large gouge and heavy mallet. It is made of zinc plated steel so it is strong and rust proof. The vise is light enough to be portable and can be mounted almost anywhere. It has been mounted on carving benches using a couple of nuts and bolts, the kitchen counter using two “c” clamps, which is where I have done a lot of carving, or under the work bench so just the ball end extends or on top if that is more suitable.

The vise has quick change release for either left or right hand operation. You have left or right hand control by repositioning the thumb nut and handle. Repositioning the top plate gives forward and reverse capability. The vise has a 360 degree rotation allowing access to all sides of your carving. Your work can be tipped back to near the table or turned upside down to allow work underneath your piece.

The Eli carvers holding vise can hold large and small carvings using the 2” or 3” based ball. It works well for relief carving, too, by mounting a plyboard on the 3” based ball. In the pierced relief classes I taught of the bear, horse and wolves, the 12” x8”x3” relief was mounted on a plyboard on the 3” ball for each student.

The complete unit comes with one 2” ball and one 3” ball


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