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Sharpening Simplified – DVD
Author: Everett Ellenwood

Having trouble getting your carving tools razor sharp In Sharpening Simplified, Everett Ellenwood will show you a simple proven method to get your carving tools properly contoured and sharp each time you sharpen them.

Ev is an award winning carver, with more than 30 years of carving experience. He has taught carving classes for two decades, and was an independent distributor of pre-sharpened carving tools for 17 years. Over the years Ev perfected a unique, easy to learn, sharpening technique which he taught to hundreds of carvers. This process was so well received that his students kept telling him “make a video”, you need to share this!

Professionally made in a studio, using 3 cameras, his 110 minute video is divided into 9 chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Sharpening Positions
3. Sharpening Stones
4. Carving Knives
5. Gouges / Veiners
6. Flat Chisels
7. “V” Tools
8. Micro Tools
9. Conclusions

Each segment of tool sharpening starts with Ev showing what each tool should look like when it is properly sharpened and why; then he actually sharpens the tool to show how to achieve a sharp and properly contoured tool. Comments accompany each process as he shows you the steps.

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  1. jim Collins

    I’ve seen a million different ways to sharpen tools, but now I’ve seen the way I’ll be sharpening my tools from now on. Everet has a unique spin on sharpening, one that preserves the wire edge and makes it usable. Very informative, right down to the best position for your stone, among other things. (I would never have thought of using a piece of cardboard for a strop). He covers every carving tool in the shop. A great wealth of information on this disc.

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