DVD – Ian Norbury Carving a Portrait in Relief



DVD – Ian Norbury, Carving a Portrait in Relief
Author: Ian Norbury

Minutes: 45

Type: DVD
ISBN: 978-1-56523-759-9
First Release: August 2012
Product Code: 7599

Ian Norbury is recognized as one of the world’s leading wood sculptors, with works in Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Here this living master provides one-to-one virtual training for aspiring woodcarvers, as he carves and explains his techniques for producing a finished piece.

The disk includes plan drawings, still photographs and 45 minutes of step-by-step video instruction. This is the easiest of Norbury’s DVDs and probably the most appreciated by carvers with families.

It requires only the most ordinary piece of wood, few tools and little experience. Having practiced with this carving, viewers can move on to creating charming portraits of their own children or grandchildren.


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