DVD – Harley Refsal Figure Carving Scandinavian Style



Figure Carving Scandinavian Style – DVD
Author: Harley Refsal

Through the power of close-up lenses, watch Harley transform a rough blank of basswood into the lifelike figure of Karl Oskar, the younger brother of Harley’s popular figure ‘Oskar’. In this first-ever video on ‘flat plane carving’, Harley clearly explains every step of the process. Using only a single sharp knife and making polished cuts – he demonstrates the art of giving expression to every carved facet. If you are a master, a beginner, or interested in Scandinavian art – this video offers a lifetime of learning and inspiration. It’s like having a class with Harley in your own home anytime you wish!

Karl Oskar pattern included. 90 minutes
Getting Started
Sharpening- for that Razor Edge
Knife Grips for Control, Power and Safety
Knife Carving Techniques
Painting Tips
Safety Techniques
A Gallery of Figure Carvings
History of Scandinavian Figure Carving
Detailed Instruction – from Eyes to Buttons

Recipient of 2005 International Telly Award

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