DVD – Everett Ellenwood Beginning Woodcarving



Beginning Woodcarving – DVD
Author: Everett Ellenwood

If you want to learn how to carve wood, or if youre now carving and not happy with the results youre getting, this DVD is for you.

Fourteen chapters of helpful information on how to carve wood, contained on one 3 hour DVD.
Key topics covered are:
The anatomy of wood and what are the best woods to carve.
How to correctly carve wood to get clean smooth cuts.
What are good carving tools to buy.
How to properly, and safely, use carving tools to achieve maximum efficiency.
How to sharpen carving tools.
How to develop an idea into a finished carving.
Lots of tips and techniques Ive learned over my 30 plus years of carving and 20 years of teaching experience.
Plus 2 projects.

Professionally made in a studio, using 3 cameras, my 210 minute video is divided into 14 chapters: Introduction – Anatomy of Wood – Carving Knives – Sharpen Carving Knives – Stylized Bird – Chisels, Gouges and V Tools – Sharpen Gouges and V Tools – Tool Practice – Flower Relief Carving – Good Woods to Carve – How to start a project – Clamping Devices – Finishing/Painting – Conclusion.

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