Dux Acrylic Topcoat, Clear Matte 32oz




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Dux Acrylic TopCoat
A water-clear non-yellowing topcoat specifically formulated to prevent the lifting of leaf
when top coated, a common problem with many varnishes on the market. When
properly applied, this product will prevent tarnishing/oxidation of imitation gold, silver
leaf and metallic finishes. This TopCoat has excellent water, ultra-violet and chemical
resistance. It can also be used as a wood finish/sealer and concrete sealer. It is
available in a gloss or satin finish.
Directions for Use
Surfaces must be smooth and free of any dust, oils, wax and fingerprints. If the leaf
requires cleaning, only alcohol should be used. If applying TopCoat over a previously
finished object, the surfaces must be cleaned and lightly sanded, and a small area
should be tested to ensure compatibility. Please contact our technical department for
The TopCoat has been formulated to be used at the consistency provided by the
manufacturer. If the user feels that thinning is necessary, mineral spirits may be added
in small quantities. TopCoat may be applied by brush, roller or spray. As with any paint
or coating, this product should be mixed prior to use. If brushing, any good quality
natural bristle brush should be used, the self-leveling properties of the size eliminate the
need to over-brush the coating. If rolling, use a high quality short nap roller cover. When
spraying, follow the equipment manufacturer recommendations. Best results are
obtained with a minimum of 2 coats. Allow 3-4 hours of drying between coats


Approximate Coverage: 400-500 square feet per gallon
Clean up with lacquer thinner.
Acrylic TopCoat is primarily designed to prevent the oxidation of metal leaf and to
protect the gilded surface from gentle handling. It should never be applied on leaf that
may be subjected to heavy use such as: table tops, cabinet doors etc.
Top-coating of silver leaf is best done within 4-6 hours of gilding to prevent oxidation
from occurring. It is best to use the quick-setting size to ensure that its exposure to the
atmosphere is kept to a minimum. Care should be given that the edges of the leaf are
completely sealed.
At least two coats of TopCoat are recommended for optimal protection.
Ideal application conditions:
Temperature: 65-75° Fahrenheit Relative humidity: 40-60%




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