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Why Durham’s Is Better.

Durham’s does not shrink.
This is important for hobbyists who want their objects to hold their fine details and shapes. Handymen and crafters find this beneficial when filling holes in wood, plaster, and other materials.

Durham’s Putty sticks and stays put. It adheres in oil-free material such as wood, cement, plaster, stone, and composition when completely dry. Embed pebbles, shells, glass, tiles, and other materials in the putty when making mosaics. Add objects to sand sculptures without the worry of having them fall out.

As the name implies, Durham’s Putty is rock hard and resistant to scratches. Repairs are also more durable, craft projects are stronger, and art objects don’t need firing.

Since it is a powder, Durham’s lasts indefinitely when kept sealed in its container. Mix only the quantity you need and eliminate waste!

Finally, this putty can be sawed, chiseled, sanded, polished, molded, painted, varnished, waxed, or colored. Always could be since the 1930s!
Directions For Use.

Mix Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty and water to a fairly stiff, dough-like, consistency – approximately 3 parts powder to 1 part water. Press firmly into clean, oil-free cavity with putty knife. Continue adding more and pressing again until putty “bounces” back, leaving an excess of putty. Do not attempt to smooth off the excess putty while it is wet. You can clean around the area with a wet cloth. Prepare only the quantity you need because Durham’s sets quickly.

Let set about 20 minutes. The putty will be like hard soap. Shave off the excess with a putty knife, leaving very little sanding to be done. This method gives a firm, smooth texture – perfect for shaving, cutting, and carving!

About 40 minutes later, Durham’s will become very hard and have great strength. Let set about 8 hours, however, before sanding if an especially smooth, light ivory surface is desired. For craft items, or repair jobs in which large quantities have been used, let Durham’s dry even longer.

For special jobs where slow hardening is desired, add a small amount of vinegar or milk to retard setting time.

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