Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, Master Set of 22 Dockyard Tools


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Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, Master Set of 22 Dockyard Tools

  • Dockyard Tools are the original micro carving tools in the wood carving industry. These tools are a must when it comes to detail carving work of any kind.-Our Master Set of 22 Dockyard Tools:
    • 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM, 4MM & 5MM U-Gouge
    • 75 Degree, 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM V-Tool
    • 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM Skew
    • 1.5MM, 2MM, 3MM Straight (Paring)
    • 1.5MM, 2MM, 2.4 MM, 2.75MM, 3.25MM Plough

-Each tool handle is stamped with the size and tool type for easy detection.

-Overall length is 5 ½ inches.

– ⅜ inch octagonal wood handle is 4 inches long, which makes for an easy to grip tool that won’t roll off your workspace.

Our tools are handcrafted, hand tested, and ready to use.

Craftsmanship: tempered to HRC58 for a durable edge.

Inspection: tested to ensure proper sharpness for a satisfying cutting edge.

We manufacture our handles with America’s renowned Cherry wood, chosen for its lustrous, reddish hue, and immense durability.

Dockyard tools are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: 

We take pride in delivering the highest quality tools, with the best American made materials, that our customers can trust in. If you are not 100% satisfied with a tool you receive, please reach out to us using our contact page so we can take care of you.

Word of Caution:

Handle tools with care. Dockyard Tools are sharp. Please consider wearing appropriate safety equipment when handling.


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