Diamond Carver D-505 Lg-Bud 7.5mm (5/16″) 3/32″ Shank


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We only sell HIGH QUALITY EUROPEAN DIAMONDS that will out last the cheeper imports and well worth the small extra price. Diamond Carver regular grit will leave a very smooth surface, Lg-Bud, 7.5mm (5/16″) x 11.5 7.5mm (7/16″) long, 2.35mm shank (3/32″). Sizes may vary slightly from one batch to another.


Diamond Carving Points Last up to 1500 times longer than carbide. Diamond carving points are used for detailing, texturing, feathering, or anywhere fine detailing and excellent control are required. Shaft size 3/32″.
Pictures do not reflect actual size.


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