Diamond 30pc Assorted Burr Set : 240 Grit 1/8″ shank


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Diamond Tip Carving Sets — These diamond burs are ideal for general grinding where smooth detail is desired.
Overall Length 1-3/4”

Professional Set of 30 Assorted Diamond-Coated Burrs, 240 Grit—highly recommended for jewelers, lapidary use, craft modeling, home repair, hobbies, crafts, and so much more. All burrs in this set have a 1/8-inch (3-mm) shank size, which allows them to be compatible with most die grinders and rotary tools. Our assortment includes various sizes of the following shapes:

– Ball
– Cone
– Rounded Cylinder
– Flat Top Cylinder
– Tapered
– Needle Point

• Head Diameter: 1/32” – 3/16″
• Total Length : 1-3/4″
• Shank Diameter: 1/8″
• Grit: 240
• Black Plastic Storage Case with Clear Face

This master set was designed for you to shape, grind and finish your project with precision. These burrs can file glass, ceramics, tile, brick, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, plastics, metals and any solid surface. It is recommended to use water as a lubricant when using these burrs. When the job or project is complete, the compact case (included with this set) provides convenient organization and storage of your burrs for future use.



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