Detail Stick 24 Piece 1/4″ Fine Grit Sanding Detailer Kit


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Sanding Detailer Kits make sanding those hard-to-reach areas an easy task. Newly designed pencil-type sticks are hexagon shaped for comfort, feature thumb and finger supports, and hold 1/4″ x 12-3/4″ aluminum oxide belts. The 1/4″ x 6-1/4″ Sanding Detailers are made of impact resistant plastic and have a spring tensioned back to keep the sanding belts firmly in place or allow quick belt rotating or changing. The tapered end can be used for intricate sanding while the flat side and rounded end add to the versatility of the sanding sticks. Our abrasive belts are color coded for easy identification.


Included in this kit:

  • Blue Sanding Detailer – 240 Grit Abrasive Belt
  • Green Sanding Detailer – 320 Grit Abrasive Belt
  • Yellow Sanding Detailer – 400 Grit Abrasive Belt
  • Black Sanding Detailer – 400 Grit Abrasive Belt
  • 5 Replacement 240 Grit Abrasive Belts – Blue Marking
  • 5 Replacement 320 Grit Abrasive Belts – Green Marking
  • 5 Replacement 400 Grit Abrasive Belts – Yellow Marking
  • 5 Replacement 500 Grit Abrasive Belts – Black Marking


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