Coventry Rag White Vellum Finish, 23″ x 30″


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Coventry Rag White

One of our most versatile papers, Coventry works well with most fine art techniques. This 100% cotton paper is available in smooth and vellum finishes, excellent for drawing, lithography and silkscreen.

Internally sized to prevent inks from absorbing or looking muddy, Coventry Rag has great dimensional stability. Also an excellent choice for pencil, charcoal or pastel.

10-SHEET MINIMUM PURCHASE on all orders for sheet paper.
We want your paper to arrive without damaged. You may select any combination of papers that equal 10 sheets. Over size charges may apply. Call 1-508-222-6255 or e-mil for an estimate.

Available Sizes, Weights and Formats
Color Surface Weight Size Quantity
Sheets Smooth 290gsm 38×50
Smooth 335gsm 38×50
Smooth 335gsm 55×40
Smooth 335gsm 63×46
Vellum 235gsm 23×30
Vellum 250gsm 26×40
Vellum 290gsm 22×30
Vellum 290gsm 30×44
Vellum 290gsm 38×50
Vellum 320gsm 35×44
Vellum 320gsm 38×50
Vellum 320gsm 60×44


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