Cord, Razertip #3 Cord RCA(M) to 1/4″ Phone



Flex Cord – RCA(M) to 1/4″ Phone

Razertip super flex #3 cord, with one RCA male and one 1/4� phone plug. Allows the use of Razertip pens on power supplies with a 1/4� phone jack (Detail Master, etc.).

1M (39�) long.

Standard �FL� cords (black plugs) use an 18-gauge cord for maximum flexibility. Heavy-Duty �HD� cords (red plugs) use a 16-gauge cord for maximum current flow, but it�s not quite as flexible. For fastest tip heat recovery the HD cord is recommended. Any of our pens work on either cord, but HD and Feather Former pens/tips work best with HD cords.

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Weight 0.02 lbs


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