Colwood Replaceable Tip RT-LSS Large Square Shader


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RT-LSS The Large Square Shader in the RT style. The tip is approximately .25 inches across and is perfect for shading larger areas. The angled tips are great for highlighting and shading; Colwood’s replaceable tips are soldered with high temperature solder, in nickel-plated brass pins, and are permanently affixed in a molded bushing. When you want to change or replace a tip, simply replace the bushing/tip assembly no contact with the tip wire is necessary. Allows cost effective replacement of the tip only
* One replaceable handle accepts all tip styles
* Tip bushings made from new improved high temperature material
* Easy fit into RT handle
* Handle is approximately 1/2 inch diameter
* Cork grip on replaceable handle
* Replaceable Handle (part# 0500) is necessary for replaceable tips


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