Colwood Replaceable Tip RT-Bob Guge Right Hand


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RT-Bob Guge. Bob Guge. Used for outlining feathers.Bent in a special way to facilitate this process and allows the artists to keep their hand in a natural position.
Colwood’s replaceable tips are soldered with high temperature solder, in nickel-plated brass pins, and are permanently affixed in a molded bushing. When you want to change or replace a tip, simply replace the bushing/tip assembly no contact with the tip wire is necessary. Allows cost effective replacement of the tip only
* One replaceable handle accepts all tip styles
* Tip bushings made from new improved high temperature material
* Easy fit into RT handle
* Handle is approximately 1/2 inch diameter
* Cork grip on replaceable handle
* Replaceable Handle (part# 0500) is necessary for replaceable tips


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