Colwood Cub Wood Burner Kit w/ 3 Replaceable Tips


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Colwood BurnersThe Cub Woodburner is Colwood’s most economical unit.
If you don’t know what to buy, this kit has everything to get you started.

Kit Includes:Cub Wood Burner unit, One Replaceable tip Handle, One each Replaceable tips B, J, C, Replaceable tip Puller!
The Colwood Cub’s handpiece cord is connected differently than the other three units. The handpiece cord is attached directly inside the control unit.
Like all the other control units, it carries a two year warranty on parts and labor and accommodates both Fixed Tip and Replaceable Tip style handpick.
The handpieces cord carries a 90 day warranty.
2″ x 5.5″ x 2.25″

The smallest and most economical of Colwood’s line.
Compact and handy for travel.
Pilot light
On/off switch incorporated into the dial
Cable clamp which allows carver to suspend the unit over the work area
One ultra-flex handpiece cord (18 gauge)
Other Tips and handpieces sold separately


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