Claystone Self-Hardening Clay – 4 lbs. – Grey


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Claystone Self-Hardening Clay – 4 lbs. – Grey

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A fine modeling natural water-based clay that works like Plastilina, Claystone air dries hard and durable. This sculptural clay is specially formulated with a fiber filler to reduce shrinkage and minimize cracking when drying over an armature.

Can be worked indefinitely if the sculptor keeps the material moist while working and covers the piece with a damp cloth when not working.

Claystone self-hardening clay does not need to be fired in a kiln; in fact, no baking, no casting, no kiln is necessary. Once dry, Claystone can be sealed with an acrylic spray or shellac and then painted with acrylic paints or a patina.

Please note, pieces made with Claystone are for display only. Since the clay is porous, you must first seal its inside surface if you want the sculpted piece to hold liquids.

Color: Grey. Unit size: 4 lbs.

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