Championship Waterfowl Patterns Vol 2


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The series of pattern books. Waterfowl Championship Patterns Volumes 1, 2, and 3 published 30 years ago by Pat Godin have been the “go to” starting point for many carvers. Now that these books have been out of print for a number of years individual patterns from these volumes are not available.Now in stock. Go to Carving>PATTERNS & REFERENCE>Pat Godin Patterns
O U T- O F- P R I N T VOLUME TWO – Featuring North American Diving Ducks
– 24 detailed patterns of nine species of diving ducks
– Challenge Patterns included
– Wing Studies and Alternate Head positions included
– a discussion of design in the context of decoys

Championship Waterfowl Patterns Vol 2 Life size Studies of North American Diving Ducks, by Patrick R. Godin Includes 24 Detailed Patterns and Instructions for Decoy Carvers. 14″ x 20″ soft cover spiral bound. Section #1 The importance of Creative Design, Attitude of the bird, Design in feather arrangement. Includes life size patterns for Preening Common Golden-eye Drake, painting a Common Golden-eye Drake, Redhead Drake, Redhead Hen, Redhead Drake – Challenge Pattern, Canvasback Drake, Canvasback Hen, Canvasback Hen – Challenge Pattern, Ring-necked Duck Drake, Ring-necked Duck Hen, Greater Scaup Drake, Greater Scaup Hen, Lesser Scaup Drake, Lesser Scaup Hen, Ruddy Duck Drake, Ruddy Duck Hen, Ruddy Duck Drake – Challenge Pattern, Bufflehead Hen – Challenge Pattern, Bufflehead Drake, Bufflehead Hen, Barrow’s Golden-eye Drake, Barrow’s Golden-eye Hen, Common Golder-eye Drake, Common Golden-eye Hen, Common Golden-eye Drake – Challenge Pattern, Common Goldeneye Hen – Challenge Pattern, Alternate Head Positions, Wing Studies


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