Championship Waterfowl Patterns Vol 1


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The series of pattern books. Waterfowl Championship Patterns Volumes 1, 2, and 3 published 30 years ago by Pat Godin have been the \”go to\” starting point for many carvers. Now that these books have been out of print for a number of years individual patterns from these volumes are not available.Now in stock. Go to Carving>PATTERNS & REFERENCE>Pat Godin Patterns

O U T- O F- P R I N T
VOLUME ONE – Featuring North American Marsh Ducks
– 24 detailed patterns of nine species of marsh ducks
– Challenge Patterns included
– Wing Studies and Alternate Head positions included
– a discussion of waterfowl anatomy
Championship Waterfowl Patterns Vol 1 – Life size Studies of North American Marsh Ducks, by Patrick R. Godin 24 detailed patterns and instructions. Forward by Tan Brunet, Anatomical considerations in pattern making and carving, Carving the Blue-winged Teal drake, Wigeon Drake, Wigeon Hen, Wigeon Drake Challenge Pattern, Wood Duck Drake, Wood Duck Hen, Wood Duck Hen Challenge Pattern, Gadwall Drake, Gadwall Hen, Shoveler Hen, Blue-winged Teal Drake, Blue-winged Teal Hen, Cinnamon Teal Drake, Cinnamon Teal Hen Challenge Pattern, Green-winged Teal Drake, Green-winged Teal Hen, Mallard Drake, Mallard Hen, Black Duck Drake, Black Duck Drake, Black Duck Hen -Challenge Pattern, Pintail Drake, Pintail Drake- (Low-head) Challenge Pattern, Pintail Drake – (Preening) Challenge Pattern, Pintail Hen, Alternate head positions, Wing studies.


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